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In Remembrance of

From Christopher Bailey
Head Coach of The Schuylkill River Exiles RFC


I received a call from Gerry Saturday early evening giving me the sad news and like many of you, I have tried to reflect and take it all in. This club lost one of its founders a little more than two years ago but we never lost a fellow player. We will do whatever it takes to honor Face and suggestions like Butthead made below are a good way to forever keep Face in our thoughts. It does not seem fair that someone this young and probably one of our most fit players should leave us at such a young age.

Many of you probably have your own memories of Face as do I. I started playing with Face when Randy brought him out for the fall 2006 season. He was a bit overlooked in the beginning but when we brought him on the A side during a match against the Maryland Exiles, he responded well and we thought maybe we had something here. He was a natural Hooker but we recognized his speed and needed another Wing so we played him against Charlotte in one of his first games at Wing. He responded by scoring three try's in the only match where we defeated Charlotte in our four game history against them. When I came back and coached this past season, I had heard nothing but good things about Face from last Spring. He lead the team in try's and really emerged as a player. I was preparing to be greeted by a cocky kid who may have thought he knew it all already. I was pleasingly shocked when he was one of the first players to come up to me and say, "any advice that you can give me, I'll follow and do it." I thought to myself, this kid is one of our best players yet he responds well to advice and is willing to learn and listen even though he had excellent natural overall skills. It made my first season as a Coach an easier transition. It also said a lot about Face and I made my determination than that I would try to consult with him more about the team after games because his attitude made him a natural leader. His unselfishness and versatility (he played three positions for us this past season - Wing, Center and Hooker) made him a great asset to the club. He was someone you build a team around knowing that he would drive others and push them to be better players and do what it took for the team to succeed.

Perhaps though, my final and most memorable thoughts of Face were not anything he did on the field but it was at the recent Toys for Tots Drive. As we know, we set a record for toy donations this year and as I was putting down my toy that evening, I noticed Face coming in right behind me. I also noticed a big bag full of toys. He obviously took the time to buy a bunch of toys, take the event seriously, and help those less privileged. I remember witnessing this and saying to myself, how can a 24 year old kid like Face who does not even have children be so mature in his ways? In short, it was a remarkable act of generosity. This past weekend it occurred to me. Face played the game with great passion, I could always count on him to play hard and keep his intensity regardless of the score. He was passionate and obviously no matter what venture he took on, whether it was a Toy Drive or rugby, he did it with passion. In ancient Greece after a man passed away, the Greeks would ask if he had passion because passion is important to finding happiness in life. I believe Face lived his life with passion and that is how I will remember him.

My best wishes and prayers to Face's family and close friends like Randy. We lost a great kid over the weekend who will forever be missed.....


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Face in action against Maryland in Fall 2007

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